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Sarasota Vacation Rentals

Advantages of a Sarasota Vacation Rental


If you're the kind of vacationer who dislikes the noise and crowds sometimes associated with tourist hotels and resorts, you may find that Sarasota vacation rentals fit your needs better than traditional accommodations.

If privacy is a big issue for you while on vacation, rentals may provide exactly what you need. Rent a single home or bungalow on the beach and you'll be far removed from your neighbors. That's perfect for a romantic getaway or a tranquil trip filled with plenty of quiet time for reading and just lounging. Also, if you're traveling with your family and prefer not to share one big hotel room with a few beds, a vacation rental in Sarasota and the nearby Keys can offer multi-room accommodations so that everyone has their own space. Often, there's also more than one bathroom as well, which is certainly an added convenience. Such accommodations also allow you to travel with friends and extended family and still maintain some degree of privacy.

You'll also find that vacation rentals can save you money. For example, a week-long rental at a Siesta Key condo is often more affordable than several nights at one of the area's top hotels. Affordable prices are especially common during Florida's off-season, including during July and August, when many families travel. And thanks to Sarasota's wonderful weather and the cool Gulf breezes, the summer is a great time to visit with the kids.

Additionally, most vacation rentals featuring a full or partial kitchen, which makes it possible to eat meals in if desired. That means lots of additional savings that can be spent on sightseeing or souvenirs!



How to Find Sarasota Vacation Rentals


There are many property investors in the Sarasota vicinity who purchase condos on the beach and other area homes in hopes of renting them to vacationers, so it's never too difficult to find rental accommodations.

Local realtors often have a complete list of available vacation rentals for all seasons and can be one of the best sources for this type of accommodation. A number of online sites also feature lists of rentals, complete with photos and rate charts.

If you seek a vacation rental on the mainland, you'll have your choice of several different types of accommodations, ranging from single homes to condos. Rentals in downtown Sarasota or surrounding neighborhoods are usually less expensive then those located on Lido, Longboat, or Siesta Key.

Beach vacation rentals, of course, are the most popular. No matter which Key you choose, you'll no doubt be able to find accommodations that provide either a view of the water or close proximity to the beach. All of the Keys are home to a number of condominium complexes and this type of vacation rental, by far, is the most popular. In Siesta Key, for example, condos can be found across the street from the Siesta Key Public Beach or on the beach side, where condo renters will be treated to private beach space.

Condos generally range from 1 bedroom or efficiency units to units as large as 3 or 4 bedrooms. Often, condo complexes offer the same amenities as a luxury hotel, including pools, Jacuzzis, fitness rooms, game rooms, and more. Most also include a full kitchen.

Also available as vacation rentals are small beach bungalows sitting directly on the sand. Though these aren't always the most spacious accommodations, they do provide a great deal of privacy and usually a wonderful view.

However, if you want a luxury vacation but don't want to stay at a luxury hotel, rent a Sarasota area villa. Villas are available on all on the Keys and usually face the beach or bay. Most have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and many feature amazing amenities, like hot tubs, heated pools, tennis courts, game rooms, home theaters, and much more. These villas are also appropriate for two or more families traveling together, as they can split the cost but still enjoy the luxury.



Sarasota Vacation Rental Pricing and Additional Details


What you pay for a Sarasota vacation rental will depend on a number of factors. For example, rentals at the beach – of course – will cost more than those in the downtown area or away from the water. Second, the time of year you choose to visit will also greatly affect rental rates. In Sarasota and the Keys, peak season is during the winter months when it's warm in Florida and cold in many other places throughout the world. If you're planning on vacationing in Sarasota in the winter – either short term or long term – you'll find that the vacation rental prices are significantly higher at that time and that you'll need to plan ahead. On the other hand, if you must wait until school is out to take your vacation, you're likely to find excellent prices on Sarasota area vacation rentals.

The minimum stay at most vacation rental properties is a week, especially during peak season. As a matter of fact, during the winter, some property owners look for renters who can stay longer than just seven days. In the summer, you may find more flexibility including rental properties that will grant 3- or 4-day leases.

There are also plenty of rentals that can be leased for a month at a time or even an entire season. Entering into a long-term contract usually means that you'll get a significant discount over those who are renting for just a week or less.